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    Want to let my solo speak to humans

    no kit to buy ?any link ?
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    Want to let my solo speak to humans

    searching for a god mod . i want to use the mic on my tablet and install a speaker on my solo . when i fly over humans i want to say : "quick run away , attention" or other funny stuff so i need a good light and loud speaker and other shit to make this happen . cheapest , i use a old smartphone ..
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    3DR solo - lightcaps

    hello want to share this with all i had made an order for printing lightcaps at my local 3d printer store in germany 3dr solo light cap with long diffuse by dougtyper the guy in the store told me that these cap a crap and if he had 5 minutes time he made better ones this is the...
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    Autopilot Firmware Upgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.5.3

    Even though 3DR stopped support for Solo, Drotek has aded RTK injections functions on a latest firmware release for the drone. The firmware is available on our Github :