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    ADS-B Equipped Solo now detects surrounding aircraft!

    Here's the FAA's synopsis. P2P's explanation is more understandable.
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    Brite Lite LED lighting system

    Maddog, is there a way to interface the switching to control the lighting from the controller. I would like to be able to switch the strobe after take off and before landing so I don't destroy my night vision when flying a SAR mission. Well thought out design by the way.
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    Convert AW pod to CW?

    Thank Rich! I just bought the B&H one you recommended. eBay has them from $55 to $80 depending on if you go used or new. I'm still going to try rotation swap with some of my spare parts. Since you're keeping tabs my #4 pod seized. (12 feet AGL and to this day I have know idea how I landed...
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    Convert AW pod to CW?

    Thanks Rich! I guess the other factor I hadn't considered is the switching out of the threaded bell housing to keep the prop snug. I think CW motor have a higher failure rate than AW. At least the price of pods on eBay kinda reflects that idea. Thats why I wanted to buy the cheaper AW's and...
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    Convert AW pod to CW?

    Is it possible to convert AW motor pods to CW?
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    3DR Solo and airport TSA security

    Be careful especially if you are landing in Lima, Peru. Their aduana's (custom agents) are notoriously crooked. They have a random STOP sign check when going through customs and if you get stopped your stuff will go though another screening area just out of view of the customs gate where they...
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    New Flir Duo

    So from a search and rescue perspective, which camera would give me the best view of identifying an injured rock climber who has fallen into the crags of some 300' rocky fins (known as the Garden of the Gods in Colo. Spgs.) If I can get heat signature on the victim, being able to switch to...
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    107 Kicking my butt (solved)

    Pyrate, the one advice I can give you is to pay attention to detail. Granted I have a pilots cert.and out of mobid curiousity took the FAA 107. I did not take this exam for granted. I took the UAVcoach course and it was very helpful in explaining things in a way you could remember. The test I...
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    Sale on Mercalli V4 SAL+

    Frank, as always, you're a wealth of knowledge on this forum! Thanks for the heads up on this sale.
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    Software Update - Version 2.4.0

    I updated last night. Had a small problem in the final stages of the update. The controller went blank right after it displayed the checkmark stating "Update Complete". I could not get the controller lcd screen to come back on. I was getting haptic feedback even when I pressed the power on...
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    3DR Tablet Screen Hood

    GruntHunter, Call them. They will find you a fit for your Android device just like they did for my Galaxy Tab 4. Contact Us Toll Free (800) 818-3946 (US Only) Phone (310) 222-8608 Hoodman Corporation 20445 Gramercy Place Ste #201 Torrance, CA 90501 USA
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    3DR Tablet Screen Hood

    The following company has hoods for almost any device you own. Met these guys at NAB this year and bought one for my Galaxy Tab 4. Very good quality. Not sure what your UK cost would be but worth looking in to. Hoodman USA - HOME Page
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    Colin Guinn webinar, I have to buy another Solo

    I loved the webinar. Colin knocked that one outta the park! However, I didn't get an answer on my "Will 3DR release a multi battery charging station?" question. I saw a 5 battery charger inside 3DR's flying cage at NAB and they were using it but when I asked if it was for sale the developer...
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    Trying To Be Responsible? Here is What We Are Up Against..

    This jingle-ass is going to get people hurt or killed! It's an uphill battle trying to get the public to understand the good that UAV's can do and this pinhead just steepened the grade!
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    New Sony camera only with Site Scan?

    Given 3dr's relationship with GoPro I wouldn't see them jumping ship to another manufacturer. However, I did find it ironic that at NAB, guess who's booth was next to GoPro? was a three character company name and it wasn't 3dr.