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    Solo Battery Calibration

    I just read the following regarding calibration: Gently discharge the battery pack until it cuts off the first time (this is around 12V). Allow the pack the relax for at least 5 hours. The pack’s voltage will climb above 12V during this process. DO NOT TRY TO DISCHARGE THE PACK AGAIN. Damage...
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    BT11A Battery

    Hello, I have a bad BT11A that drains Super Fast. What should (can) I do with it?
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    Last 3dr Solo Updates

    Thanks for the reply, my iOS is up to date and so far I haven't had any issues that I haven't been able to correct, so I'm not in a hurry to make changes. But if there's a way to use my iPad where it would be beneficial to make changes where would you suggust I look?
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    Last 3dr Solo Updates

    Hello, I'm new to all this - lots of learning ahead. What were the last updates that 3dr provided for Solo? Here's what I currently have: App: 2.4.3 Solo: 2.4.2 Autopilot: 1.3.1 Gimbal: 1.3.6 Controller: 2.4.2 Controller Firmware: 1.2.11 I'm using an iPad mini. Because of that, do I...