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    Iris+, never flown

    No, but thank you for letting me know.
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    Iris+, never flown

    Well, I was hoping for somewhere around $300 but not sure what's realistic.
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    Cinematic video1

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    Iris+, never flown

    Thanks. Guess they're not worth that much these days.
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    Iris+, never flown

    I have an Iris+ that I've never flown. I bought it on amazon for $750: 3d Robotics Iris+ Multicopter with 5100mAh 3S 8C Lithium Polymer Battery, Replacement Propeller Set and Jestik 4GB USB Drive Value Bundle with 2x 3S Batteries and Set of Propellers: Camera & Photo I still have...
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    Hi everyone. I'm new to the drone world, but purchased an Iris+ back in 2015 (which I've never used). Looking forward to learning more from everyone here.