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    Want black cube

    both are used but I will guarantee them. Dave
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    Want black cube

    Hi Rex, I have two "green cubes" $80 each plus $5.00 postage. Dave
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    3DR Buy out

    I have 15 "new" sealed batts do you need some i'll trade for some gimbals. Dave
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    3DR Buy out

    do you have 3 controller chargers? Thanks Dave
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    Solo inventory on hand - directly sourced from 3DR

    Do you have 3 controller charges? Thanks Dave
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    New Solo Gimbals and Batteries

    Do you have any controller battery charges? I need 3 Thanks Dave
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    Controller batteries going bad?

    I think you may have a bad battery, you can check the charger output with a plain VOM
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    Controller batteries going bad?

    Have you tried a new charger?
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    Solo GPS mRo m8n Reception Poor

    The whole Us GPS system had a clock change that will affect "older" GPS. The fix is to do at least 8 cold starts, it will then learn the new time.
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    Controller batteries going bad?

    You can check the bat. charge by pressing the on button very fast and let go.
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    New owner, have a problem already!

    If you got the GP 4 in the deal, you got a good price for the lot. You can get a good used gimbal for $100
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    3DR Buy out

    I need 3 solo gps cover's can you give me a price. Thanks
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    ISO GPS cover's

    Hi all, I'm in need of 3 solo gps cover's. If you have any to spare, just let me know. Thanks I got all three thanks Jim. Dave
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    Watch "3DR Solo GoPro 4 Black 4.35mm lens up-grade" on YouTube

    CS223 I got mine at amizon about $13 love it. Dave