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Crazy Gimbal

artsvdo, Feb 21, 2017
    • artsvdo
      Anyone know what could be causing this.

      The Gimbal will do this with and without GoPro in there.

      (GoPro 3+ Silver with 2.0 firmware)

      I have done factory reset.

      I have re pair the controller with Solo.

      Any ideas?
    • Bilge
      Gimbal with seizures...that was funny.....sorry I don't what is causing but I am curious....

      Hope someone else can help.....
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    • Bilge
      update your GoPro Firmware firmware to version 3.02

      Gimbal firmware should 1.3.6
    • artsvdo
      I probably should explain a little more about myself.
      I am a new Solo Owner. I have ordered a used (never flown) Solo with Controller and Gimbal off of eBay ( the one in the video). I also have a Solo/Gimbal kit that I have ordered from Best Buy. I wanted this used Solo to be my "workshop" so to speak. I have replaced the GPS with the MRO GPS. I have done all of the software updates to Controller and Solo. All pre flights checks, etc. I was not intending to fly at this particular time. Just wanted to fire up this one. That's when this Gimbal issue came up. You may notice a NICKEL (5¢) taped to the top. I actually balance the the Gimbal with the 5¢ before turning it on.
    • artsvdo
      @Bilge I have seen a few posts on this site that state the GoPro 3+ Silver needs to be at firmware 2.0 or it will have issues. I don't have any functionality on the app other than a live feed that goes everywhere... lol
    • artsvdo
      Received a new Gimbal via Amazon same day service, attached it and now everything works. Definitely a Gimbal issue. Not that I didn't suspect this. Too bad I have a useless Gimbal here now.
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