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  1. dtcsolo
    Yes. All or part. What are you interested in? The solo is like new, all batteries have 5 or less cycles. And I have a new sealed gimbal.
  2. freebird2ya
    are you looking to sell this
  3. jxo
    Am interested in mounting the same Sony with a pancake lens. How and why are those cables attached to the camera? thanks much. How is the Sony working on the Solo? any advice?
  4. gtomko
    Personally, I prefer to run sensitive electronics like the computers and radios on a separate clean power supply. Its the difference between doing it right and having everything work every time,...
  5. Jbouza09
    Brilliant. Just one question asked with no electronics experience, why not add a noise filter on each motor pod, would that help?? I have 3 of these and have only experienced loss 2 times on one...