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  1. artsvdo
    @Bilge I have seen a few posts on this site that state the GoPro 3+ Silver needs to be at firmware 2.0 or it will have issues. I don't have any functionality on the app other than a live feed that...
  2. artsvdo
    I probably should explain a little more about myself. I am a new Solo Owner. I have ordered a used (never flown) Solo with Controller and Gimbal off of eBay ( the one in the video). I also have a...
  3. Bilge
    update your GoPro Firmware firmware to version 3.02 Gimbal firmware should 1.3.6
  4. Bilge
    Gimbal with seizures...that was funny.....sorry I don't what is causing but I am curious.... Hope someone else can help.....
  5. artsvdo
    Anyone know what could be causing this. The Gimbal will do this with and without GoPro in there. (GoPro 3+ Silver with 2.0 firmware) I have done factory reset. I have re pair the controller...