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New Profile Posts

  1. rlopez91502
    New to the 3DR SOLO world. loving all the supports from the fellow members
  2. unashamed
  3. Lorenzo R
    Lorenzo R
    3DR Solo, 3DR X8+(with fixed camera mount or Feiyu MiniPro 3D gimbal), Sony a5000, Canon S100, GoPro 3+ Black, GoPro 4 Black,
  4. Heather
    3DR pilot since Christmas 2016.
  5. garry glispey
    garry glispey
    I have a cabin in Colorado in the hills nono Wi-Fi no Internet well my solo still work with video
  6. garry glispey
    garry glispey speatuk
    I'm very new at this I have a remote cabin in Colorado can I fly my solo and still have video
  7. kittyhawk
    New drone pilot,looking forward to my first flight.Had to return first drone,but new one suppose to come this evening.
  8. Raptor 17
    Raptor 17
    The Raptor is getting ready for first flight.
  9. Raptor 17
    Raptor 17
    Burp!!!!!!! ok I ate the rapture. He did not know the secret of the controller reset button.
  10. Dave Folts
    Dave Folts Maddog
    Is this the PM you are referring to for the Brite-Lite Anti-Collision Lighting Systems? I'd like to purchase. Thank you. Dave Folts
  11. Pv solo
    Pv solo
    Hello! I broke a blade of my drone someone can tell me how to remove it to make the change of blade Thank you very much
  12. tonyb
  13. Velocity
    Velocity Sbpowerhouse
    The Myler Foundation
    Pocatello Idaho 83201
    Let me know if you need additional information and thanks!
  14. Douggieboy
    Drone addict---;)...
  15. Dave K
    Dave K
    Solo Noob
  16. Velocity
    Velocity Sbpowerhouse
    Hey I'm interested in one of your GoPros if you're serious?? Please get ahold of me, let's talk:)
    1. Sbpowerhouse
      I have the gopro 3+ black edition with dive case, some attachments, headstrap, wifi remote. The camera is like new hardly used by my son. Problem is I couldn't get video feed on solo. If that's what you want it for then it's not for you. If you just want to use as a camera, it's perfect. I'd take $175.00 shipped to you.
      Mar 14, 2017
    2. Sbpowerhouse
      If you want the backpack I would do both for $260 shipped to you.
      Mar 14, 2017
  17. Phantom killer
    Phantom killer
    Is there a gopro alternative I can use on the solo?
  18. vmaniqui
    vmaniqui icelandavis
    Looking to buy some 3dr solo batteries. How much ship to 94547? Thanks-vic
  19. Ddub
    Ddub vmaniqui
    Yes I still have the Rev B GPS for sale if your interested let me know we can set up payment thru paypal if you would like.
  20. Simo
    Simo msantimanzano
    I don't understand ur question sorry!